Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Black Polyethylene Sheeting for Strength and Durability

Plastic Bag Partners offers high quality Polyethylene Sheeting in rolls from 3' x 100' to 12' x 100'. Both 4 mil and 6 mil gauges are available. We manufacture our product from 100% renewable energy, and our sheeting is made of 100% virgin Low-Density Polyethylene resin that meets FDA/USDA specifications. Three times stronger than traditional plastic sheeting, our Black Polyethylene Sheeting provides a variety of uses to the consumer and contractor.

Contractors and consumers alike know the importance of building or remodeling structures correctly the first time. Water and moisture damage to a new or existing foundation or structure can cost thousands of dollars to repair. Our Polyethylene Sheeting, 3x stronger than traditional sheeting products, can repel moisture through walls, ceilings and floors better than other moisture barriers. With our sheeting, you can rest assured that your building has been built or remodeled with a product that will stand the test of time, leaving you the freedom to enjoy your structure worry free for years to come.

Additionally, contractors and consumers often have to leave large stacks of lumber, brick, or other construction materials outside. Traditional plastic sheeting oftentimes does a poor job of protecting such supplies, and part, or all, of the material has to be replaced. Our Polyethylene Sheeting, because it is 3x stronger than other products, offers 3x the protection against dirt, debris, and water. Your building materials will be safe, secure, and ready for you to use when the weather clears, and you can go back to work without the hassle of lost inventory and replacement costs.

Everyone knows painting can be messy work. Laying a drop cloth on the floor is suppose to protector it from spilled paint, but too often walking feet and ladders tear the cloth. Paint can also leach through the cloth to the floor, creating major headaches for the contractor and/or homeowner alike. Plastic Bag Partners' Polyethylene Sheeting is 3x stronger than traditional plastic sheeting. You can paint with ease knowing that your drop cloth is strong enough to stand your tough work. When you're done, just roll up the sheeting and store it for your next painting project!

We are Plastic Bag Partners, national wholesale distributors of industrial and commercial grade bags, poly tubing, poly film and sheeting; serving both the U.S. and Canadian markets. Our goal is to provide consumers with an unsurpassed selection of top quality bags and related materials for their business needs; superior in quality while remaining extremely cost effective.


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